Arizona is renowned for its stunning desert vistas and varied landscapes, presenting unique opportunities for beautifying outdoor spaces. Landscape lighting is more than just an aesthetic enhancement; it plays a crucial role in redefining the character of these spaces after sunset. At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we understand the impact expertly designed lighting options can have.
Welcome to the new era of gated community entryway aesthetics! At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we understand the pivotal role that lighting plays in setting the tone for a luxurious and secure community. Our bespoke lighting solutions for gated community entryways are not just about illumination — they are about creating an ambiance that resonates
In the lighting industry, LED technology represents a significant advancement, changing the way we light our environments. From enhanced durability and energy efficiency to superior performance, upgrading older lighting options to LED can bring a lot of benefit. At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we have decades of experience giving owners high-quality and energy-efficient lighting installations
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Well-designed and expertly installed outdoor lighting can dramatically transform the look and feel of exterior spaces and last for years to come. If you have been eyeing an upgrade for your home’s outdoor lighting, there are a number of factors to keep in mind to ensure that your lighting has the best effect.
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Outdoor lighting is an essential feature of any home, providing safety and security as well as boosting curb appeal. Upgrading the lighting around the exterior of your home can do more than just bolster its visual aesthetic—it can also help make your home more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, which has a large impact on
No matter the industry or services your business provides, having a property that is well lit can enhance the aesthetic appeal and safety of a building. Good outdoor lighting guides people to and from your business, and bright and appealing lighting in parking lots, walkways and exterior walls goes a long way in ensuring clients

Why is Outdoor Lighting Important?

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Having a home or outdoor space that is properly lit can provide many benefits, from creating a safer environment to enhancing visual appeal and even offering health benefits. Many homeowners underestimate the power that beautifully designed and expertly installed outdoor lighting can have for their homes, so if you are looking for a way to

Answering FAQs About Outdoor Lighting

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Upgrading your outdoor lighting is a great way to save money on energy costs and brighten the look and feel of a space. But for many homeowners, it can be a daunting task trying to navigate all the ins and outs of different types of lights and installation options. At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we

5 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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Residential landscape lighting
Good lighting is one of the most important parts of outdoor design, not only lending visual appeal to a space but also enhanced security and visibility. At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we understand the difference professional outdoor lighting services provide to your home or business, and for over two decades, we have provided the highest
LED lighting is a great way to add dramatic flair to an outdoor living space. Whether for enhanced visibility and security or just to highlight the aesthetics of your backyard design, LED lights can add a lot of visual interest. By replacing old and often inefficient lighting options with LED, not only do you have

Putting Solar Power to Work for You

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Taking your home off-grid and ensuring your own energy independence is an enticing option that many homeowners would love to be able to implement. If you live in a remote location where reliable electricity access is hard to come by, want to cut down on your energy bill or simply care about utilizing sustainable energy

Why Choose LED Lighting?

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With the strides made in more efficient and cost-effective lighting options like LED, converting from older lighting designs like halogen to LED is a great long-term investment. LED lights can last over ten times as long as halogen while consuming 85% less electricity. Since 1995, North Star Outdoor Lighting has been Arizona’s leader in indoor
There are many types of outdoor lighting to choose from, and each has been designed to provide the greatest benefit to your home and yard. Outdoor lighting enhances the style of your home’s exterior, but more importantly, it can also improve safety and security. Outdoor lighting should not only be chosen based on its appearance.
The right outdoor lighting can enhance the appearance of any space, with different looks achieved based on the types of lighting and effects used, as well as the features of your outdoor environment. While a lighting expert will be able to guide you in choosing the best outdoor lighting for your property, understanding the various
Homeowners Associations, otherwise referred to as HOAs, are groups that exist within planned communities, subdivisions or even condominiums that create and enforce rules for all properties and residents within their purview. For individuals and families that purchase a property that functions within an HOA’s jurisdiction, due to property location, they are considered automatically members and

Pathway Lighting

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The North Star Outdoor Lighting approach provides an unparalleled professional touch to lighting in your backyard environment. We offer truly one-of-a-kind services, advice and unique skill sets to properties all over the Valley of the Sun. Our team takes pride in designing and installing beautiful indoor and outdoor lighting. Our approach to service includes all

Main Issues Encountered with DIY

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Why Hire an Outdoor Lighting Contractor Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are typically labors of love. When it comes to home and design projects, achieving long-lasting and professional work is imperative to maintaining a well-kept and polished home. Unfortunately, many individuals try to take on work or home projects that are simply out of their
From restaurants and hotels to shopping centers and office buildings, businesses in numerous different industries are constantly seeking ways to make their commercial properties safe, inviting, and aesthetically appealing. At the same time, businesses must protect their bottom lines and ensure that any improvements made on their properties will yield a strong return on investment
The visual appearance of your property can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy spending time at home. At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we know that to make the most of your environment, you need to feel good in it. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, quality lighting can play a major role.

Innovative Lighting Technologies

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Light and technology have come a long way. While many of us take for granted the everyday convenience afforded by electric lighting, the journey to get where we are today has been fraught with discovery, failures and triumphs. Let’s walk through a bit of history!
North Star Outdoor Lighting in Scottsdale Arizona showing uplighting on front yard of home
There are many things we try and do on our own. At-home facials, baking bread, doing your taxes, among numerous other household chores. As a home or business owner, outdoor lighting seems like it should not be that difficult. Unfortunately, most grossly underestimate the various considerations that go into a well-lit outdoor environment. This results

Why You Should Use LED Lights

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At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we’ve staked our business on helping individuals enhance the visual appearance of their properties whether commercial or residential. With years of experience designing indoor and outdoor lighting scenes, we’ve cultivated expertise on what type of lighting highlights the features of any property best. Scottsdale and Phoenix are home to some

Scottsdale ESLO regulations.

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Single-Family in ESL Exterior and Site Lighting Design Guidelines Exterior lighting includes any lighting that is mounted outside of livable building areas such as in landscaping, parking areas, along walkways and paths, on the outside of building walls, under eaves and patio covers, under open shed covers and within 3 feet of the openings in


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Problem Cause Solution   No power at plug Tripped breaker or GFI Reset circuit breaker in main panel or the GFI usually located in a bathroom, garage or kitchen.   GFI keeps tripping Ground problem or defective GFI GFI’s are notorious for nuisance tripping. Use a high grade model such as the Hubbell #GF5252I.  

Top 10 mistakes in outdoor lighting

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1. DON’T OWN A VOLTMETER: Don’t own a volt meter – Trying to install anything electrical without a digital volt meter is like trying to install an irrigation system without a shovel or to eat soup with a fork – it can be done but having the right tools makes it a lot easier.  

Lighting term glossary. Hope this helps!

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Ambient Light Lighting throughout a space that produces general illumination. Ampere (amp) Unit to express the flow quantity of electricity. Analogous to gallons per minute. Baffle An accessory that prevents light from producing glare at certain angles. Ballast Auxiliary unit used with HID lamps to provide the power to start the lamp and regulate the
The Laser Landscape Light combines laser and holographic optical elements to produce stunning lighting effects you must see to believe. Simply point the fixture toward trees or bushes to watch your outdoor landscape come alive with thousands of twinkling lights. The fixture comes in a beautiful bronze finish, is easy to install, and is weather-resistant.
A common mistake made by many is to replace existing lamps with lamps of higher wattage than those originally installed. As an example, Mr. Smith has a low volt system with a 600 watt transformer and 25 fixtures illuminating his landscape. All of the original fixtures had 20-watt lamps in them for a total load


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This will help the life of your system! Typical of most every mechanical appliance, the components of the landscape lighting system will require periodic maintenance in order to keep the system operating at peak performance. The wise Lighting Installer will incorporate a Lighting Maintenance Program into his or her offering. Maintenance will typically include lamp

Lamp Life. Hope this helps.

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LAMP LIFE Lamp life is rated in hours of operation. If lamps are rated for 4000 hours at 12 volts it means that at 4000 hours, 50% of the lamps are still working and 50% are not. For maximum light output, tune lighting circuits to provide between 11.5 and 12.0 volts as measured at lamp

L.E.D Lighting. LED Lighting. Go Green!!!!!!

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Why We Are Green How many times have you changed a burned out light bulb in your lifetime? Fifty times? One hundred times? What did you do with all the old bulbs? If you’re like most people, you simply tossed them into the trash can and forgot about them. It is the right time to
FX products are manufactured in southern California where we comply with the world’s toughest environmental, labor and work place safety regulations. We are proof positive that an American company can still compete very successfully with foreign made brands. We win the game with superior quality, delivery and support. REAL EFFECT LIGHTING NOT HARDWARE STORE TOYS

ESLO Fact Sheet for Scottsdale Arizona

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Latest Revisions Approved Minor Amendments to ESL (Effective Mar 22, 2007) Restoration of Damaged Desert Areas (Effective Mar 22, 2007) Side Yard Setbacks for properties zoned ESL (Effective October 26, 2006) Undeveloped lot with an ESL overlay? The city has recently developed an instructional diagram that demonstrates how to determine the buildable lot area. History/Background

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If you are a Facebook member, please search me on Facebook @ North Star Outdoor Lighting LLC to receive valuable discounts. 10-15% off on new systems, and 10% off on repairs.
Solar powered outdoor lighting fixtures. NO this is not a home depot solar light. This is a state of the art solar panel, with battery back up for all your outdoor lighting needs.
Exterior Lighting for Single-Family in Environmentally Senstive Lands (ESL) Areas Illuminance Tables Submittal Requirements Photometrics Printable Lighting Guidelines (pdf/48kb/2pp) Ambient Lighting Zones (pdf/319kb/1p) Streetlight Policy Plan (pdf/208kb/1p) Outdoor Lighting Code (pdf/115kb/2pp) Please note: The 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) was adopted by reference via the International Building Code (IBC) adoption.

What is low voltage lighting?

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While most homes operate on 120 volts, low voltage lighting runs on either 12 or 24 volts. Examples of low voltage lighting includes recessed lighting, landscape lights, pendant lighting, and track lights just to name a few. Low voltage lighting is usually less expensive, easier to install, safer, and uses less energy.

Converting to Low Voltage LED Lighting

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Over the past several years the installation or conversion to low voltage indoor and outdoor lighting systems has become more and more common place with new home builds and renovations. This is likely due the lighting becoming more affordable, a more public consciousness towards the conservation of energy on a national scale, or in many