How Outdoor Lighting Can Help Improve Energy Efficiency

North Star Outdoor Lighting in Scottsdale Arizona showing uplighting on front yard of home

Outdoor lighting is an essential feature of any home, providing safety and security as well as boosting curb appeal. Upgrading the lighting around the exterior of your home can do more than just bolster its visual aesthetic—it can also help make your home more environmentally friendly and improve energy efficiency, which has a large impact on your utility bill.

At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we understand the difference outdoor lighting can make in improving the look of your home as well as helping make it more energy efficient. We offer a number of different lighting options that are 100% recyclable and sustainably engineered, helping to lessen your environmental footprint and save you money. Read on to see some ways outdoor lighting can improve the sustainability of your home.


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Consider Switching to LED

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your outdoor lighting is to replace older lighting with LED. LED lights can last ten times longer than halogen while utilizing 85% less electricity, and they are also more durable and free of hazardous components, like mercury, found in traditional lights. Investing in a lighting upgrade with LED can make a huge dent in your utility bill, not just helping you but the environment as well. Beyond the cost and energy benefits, longer lasting LED lights mean less time changing bulbs and more time enjoying the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

LED lighting options also have the benefit of limitless customizability and can be installed in many outdoor spaces like pathways, landscapes and even for decorative purposes. LED lights also give homeowners the ability to play with temperature and color, whether for creating a cozy atmosphere or better illuminating spaces that would benefit from enhanced visibility and security. Outdoor entertaining spaces can benefit from replacing harsher, traditional lighting with warmer, LED lights to create an intimate and inviting feel. For the more adventurous, colored lights like red can lend a dramatic air while also promoting rest and relaxation.

As Arizona’s leader in outdoor LED lighting installation, you can have the peace of mind that your older, less efficient lights can be easily replaced with LED lights you and your family will enjoy for years to come. We offer 24-hour service and monthly maintenance from our expertly trained technicians, helping keep your outdoor lighting in perfect condition.

Utilize Motion Sensors and Timers

Motion sensors and timers are easy ways to limit power consumption by only utilizing lighting in spaces where you need it. By setting your outdoor lights to turn on or off only during certain times or when sensing movement, you can prevent excessive power usage and streamline your energy bill. Timers are a great option when you only need lighting during certain hours of the day, preserving your bulbs and saving you money. Popular options like dusk-to-dawn lighting ensures your exterior spaces are well-lit at night but automatically turn off during the day, preventing overuse in environments that can utilize sunlight.

Motion sensors are also an easy way to increase energy efficiency while not sacrificing your lighting’s ability to enhance security. Lights that are motion activated can give owners the peace of mind that anyone getting too close to their property will be easily deterred, without having to worry about powering them at all hours. Beyond safety, motion lights are also convenient, eliminating the burden of trying to find the light switch when arriving home late at night.

Switching to Solar

Lighting options that utilize solar power have become highly prized for homeowners, and recent strides in solar technology have made them an easy and compelling upgrade. One of the main advantages of solar power lighting is in homes that do not receive reliable access to the electric grid or in areas where it is difficult or overly costly to run wiring. Even for homes that are not as disconnected from the grid, solar power can be an extremely cost-effective and energy-efficient upgrade.

While solar lighting installation often carries a steeper initial investment, many homeowners will find the inclusion of federal tax credits and long-term energy savings can help alleviate the burden! Particularly for homes in a state like Arizona that receive a lot of sun year-round, utilizing solar power can be a great choice.

Why choose us?

At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we have decades of experience working with residential and commercial lighting, and whether upgrading existing less-efficient lighting or designing a completely new space, we ensure that our lighting options can be enjoyed for years to come. Our emphasis on LED lighting in particular helps consumers to reduce costs and their environmental footprint, while not detracting from the beauty of a well-lit and designed space.

Whatever your lighting needs, be sure to contact us today for a free estimate. Our team of professionals makes upgrading or installing new lighting features a breeze.