Pathway Lighting

The North Star Outdoor Lighting approach provides an unparalleled professional touch to lighting in your backyard environment.

We offer truly one-of-a-kind services, advice and unique skill sets to properties all over the Valley of the Sun. Our team takes pride in designing and installing beautiful indoor and outdoor lighting. Our approach to service includes all of the tricks, tips and tools of the trade to guarantee that your space is beyond functional, and that lighting helps show off your property’s best features.

When it comes to illuminating your property’s pathway lighting, we’re here to help light the way. There are several different types of outdoor lighting to consider:

  1. Directional Uplight
    This type of light directs light beams upwards at an angle, which is key for illuminating trees, garden features, exterior walls or other backyard features.
  2. Directional Downlight
    This category of light is usually higher-installed lighting features that cast a downward beam for either targeted pathway lighting or for general ambiance.
  3. Ambient Lighting
    What can be considered the middle ground, ambient backyard lighting includes a large swath of lighting features, such as decorative shades or horizontal lighting. In general, this category adds ambiance and visibility and is full of versatile options for large gathering spaces, including a garden seating area, outdoor patio, or pool deck.
  4. Post Lights
    One of our favorite ways to light pathways includes that of post lights. Available in a range of designs to enhance a backyard space, post lights provide enough low-to-the-ground bright lighting to illuminate driveways, front entrances or pathways to get people where they need to go.

Reasons to Light Pathways

There are three main reasons to illuminate pathways, and they include safety (to help guests and family members navigate your property safely without falling in the dark), security (to know who is on your property or approaching your house), and lastly, beauty (a well-lit outdoor environment can feel tranquil and peaceful).

Two Approaches

When creating a design for outdoor pathway lighting, many opt for one of two options. One of these is continuous illumination, where a pattern from one light fixture to the next overlaps to deliver enough ambient light that the path feels cohesive.

The other is when lighting fixtures are installed slightly further apart where light spheres do not overlap. In the business, this is often referred to as pools of light. This style can result in beautiful illumination through the use of fewer fixtures, but is only a viable option if the pathway is even and easy to navigate.

Useful Landscape Lighting Terms

Whatever you opt for, our team will help you create a safe, beautiful plan. Here are a few useful terms to familiarize yourself with:

Ambient – For describing the soft glow of light already on your property; this can come from street lights, the sky’s glow, the reflection of artificial light on the clouds and atmosphere or more.

Beam Spread – This term describes the diameter of useful illuminated areas. For example, if you are lighting a pathway that has hard or soft edges, you’ll need to pay attention to how the beam falls to avoid spreading light far off the path.

Direct Glare – Last, but not least, this term describes how much light travels directly from the bulb, lamp or LED itself into a person’s eye. Glare can detract from your lighting design and cause discomfort.

How We Work
The North Star team aims to give our clients the best at every step of the process:

  • Initial Meeting
    Once you decide to work with us, we consider you a member of our team. In each stage from the initial meeting to project design, installation, and completion, we involve you to ensure that you’ll love what we do.
  • Professional-Grade
    One of the best things about going with a professional outdoor lighting team is that we have years of experience in sifting through market products to know what’s the absolute best. Not to mention, we have working relationships with many of the top vendors in the industry so you can rest assured that your investment will last.
  • Project Management
    With all of our experience referenced, we have intimate knowledge about just what a project entails and how to go about managing from start to finish. We never put clients on the backburner like some other companies, and we do everything with a personal touch.
  • Knowledge Empowerment
    We are here to teach you as much as you want to learn. The North Star team is all about client empowerment, including knowing what goes into a stellar design all the way to execution.
  • Client Satisfaction
    Client satisfaction is our guarantee. With fast, honest and reliable service, your project is covered under our company’s client satisfaction guarantee. We believe and are so committed to what we do that we know you’ll absolutely love our work. That’s why we back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So rest easy and watch our beautiful work unfold.
  • Talent, Talent, Talent

Did you know the North Star Team is FX Luminaire Design certified? This tough certification requires specialized skills to work with many of the finest Luminaire lighting components in the industry. We proudly work with the best in the business and are happy to report that Luminaire components are backed by a ten-year company warranty.

In addition, our team also holds professional qualifications, including that of a Hunter Preferred Platinum, Hunter Preferred Program and are named as a Hunter Preferred Contractor.

Range of Services
North Star serves a wide range of outdoor lighting services including that of LED lighting installation and design, LED conversions to update old fixtures to state-of-the-art, long-lasting LED bulbs, HOA management for single family and even multi-unit complexes, and more.

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential lighting services, get in touch with our crew today. For professional lighting that comes with great service, top quality, and high value, our team is standing by ready to partner with you.

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