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Why We Are Green

How many times have you changed a burned out light bulb in your lifetime? Fifty times? One hundred times? What did you do with all the old bulbs? If you’re like most people, you simply tossed them into the trash can and forgot about them. It is the right time to think about LED light bulbs and their competitive advantages!

Well those ordinary light bulbs, the ones you’ve been tossing into the trash every month for years, contain highly toxic gases. And while those light bulbs sit in a landfill, they’re joined by millions more broken, discarded bulbs, and the mercury inside all of them slowly leaches into and poisons the soil. Comparing with traditional lights, LED light lamps are more environmentally friendly.

Although you have certainly been warned about the ill effects of things like global warming and ozone depletion, perhaps you’ve never heard of the negative impact of mercury in our soil. Maybe no one ever told you. But, now that you know… you should do something about it. At North Star Outdoor Lighting LLC , we already are. In these regards LED light bulbs can be considered as a really good solution.

Unlike many of the big lighting companies who promise that they will do things in the future to help the environment, at enLux, we already do those things, and then some. For example, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation has mandated that electronics sold in the EU must significantly reduce hazardous substances by the middle of 2006. Many companies are scrambling to try and meet that directive, but at North Star Outdoor Lighting LLC, we have already met and exceeded it. You see, unlike many of our competitors, we don’t develop or offer any lighting options that contain damaging, polluting and hazardous chemicals. We are dedicated to sustainability and only develop environmentally-friendly lighting options that preserve our earth such as our revolutionary LED floodlight – the world’s first drop-in replacement for conventional incandescent floodlights.

Our LED lights are environmentally safe, do not contain any mercury or other toxic substances and are 100% recyclable. Plus, they last years longer than incandescent bulbs so there’s a lot less waste. Our innovative LED lights are also safe, energy efficient and economical  using just a fraction of the electricity needed to power a conventional bulb – which saves you money on utility bills and reduces pollution.

At North Star Outdoor Lighting LLC., we’re green for good reason – because we want this amazing planet to be around for countless generations to come. We care deeply about the earth and about your health and safety. Our LED lights may not single handedly save the planet, but they do make a sustainable and positive impact on the environment, and that’s what we’re all about.

North Star Outdoor Lighting LLC
You can keep changing light bulbs or you can change our world.