On Hiring an Outdoor Lighting Professional

North Star Outdoor Lighting in Scottsdale Arizona showing uplighting on front yard of home

There are many things we try and do on our own. At-home facials, baking bread, doing your taxes, among numerous other household chores. As a home or business owner, outdoor lighting seems like it should not be that difficult. Unfortunately, most grossly underestimate the various considerations that go into a well-lit outdoor environment. This results in lackluster lighting situations that dampen the curb appeal, ambience and general aesthetics of a residence or place of business. And that is not even to mention the headache and the hassle of giving it a go.

With years of experience designing and installing indoor and outdoor lighting, we have made our dedication to good lighting a business. Our focus is to help others make their properties shine. As one the nation’s leading lighting companies, North Star Outdoor Lighting knows the tricks, tips and tools of the trade required to ensure that your outdoor lighting is both functional and highlights your property’s best features.

Why Hire a Professional?

First and foremost, when you hire a professional team like ours, you receive instant access to our advice, expertise, and unique skill sets. Based in Scottsdale now, our company’s origins are midwestern.

The North Star approach manifests in the following steps:

  • First, we give our clients our all. With truly professional outdoor lighting services, each step of the process from our initial meeting to project completion and beyond is accompanied by a personal touch.
  • We use only the highest quality, professional-grade lighting components sourced from premium manufacturers in the USA.
  • We respect your time and never put a project on the back burner. With our professional team, we get it done right the first time.
  • We empower our clients with knowledge throughout the process. By ensuring that our clients know everything about what is involved in their system, they are primed for years to come without issue. If, for some reason, an issue does arise, we will take care of it.
  • We bring a professional yet personal approach where we prioritize our clients’ satisfaction.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you do a job yourself and do not do it well, you have no-one to blame or share in the responsibility as a result. At North Star, we provide fast, reliable, and honest service that is accompanied by our satisfaction guarantee. We love what we do and are so certain that you will love our work, we stand behind it with a 100-% satisfaction guarantee. How is that for peace of mind?

Professional Qualifications

The North Star team is comprised of talent that is also FX Luminaire Designer certified.  With specialized skills with regards to working with the finest components supplied by FX Luminaire, we proudly install the best equipment to give you years of trouble-free lighting systems as backed by the company’s 10 year warranty.

Additional professional qualifications we hold includes recognition as Hunter Preferred Platinum, Hunter Preferred Program and as a Hunter Preferred Contractor.

Deep Range of Services

Beyond our approach and unique qualifications and certifications, as a truly professional service company, we can offer a range of services:

  • LED Lighting Installation and Design
    If it is time to upgrade your current inefficient lighting situation, the North Star lighting team is ready to help. Whether indoor or out, our team of professional LED-specific lighting designers, installers, and maintenance team can take charge.
  • LED Conversions
    Did you know that outdated bulbs may be costing you? Old halogen, incandescent and even fluorescent lighting scenarios are not only inefficient but expensive. The North Star team is one of the leading providers of LED conversions. This means that we can guide you through and execute the unique process of replacing and retrofitting your existing lighting fixtures to that of state-of-the-art, leading LED bulbs.The benefits of converting your lighting system include an approximate 80-90% reduction in electricity usage and better lighting quality that deliver more precision and efficiency. In addition, one of the biggest benefits of switching to LED lighting is that the length of the bulbs are incredibly long. For example, an LED light bulb can last up to five times longer than other, more outdated bulbs. This lifespan can contribute to less expense and more free time.LEDS also contain less toxic chemicals like that of mercury known to pollute our environment. As a team, we are committed to using more eco-friendly options and would be happy to convert your current scenario to one that is kinder to the environment.
  • HOA Management
    Many single-family homes and multi-unit complexes have homeowner’s associations (HOAs) who ensure that community standards are implemented. We specialize in providing HOA lighting management services so outdoor lighting in any environment is welcoming, attractive and contributes to better property values.
  • Lighting Design
    Getting the features exactly right when it comes to lighting takes practice. Luckily, we have plenty of that. From adding subtle glows to illuminating your property’s best features with a dramatic glow, improving security and safety to enhancing the curb appeal, with more than 25 years of experience, we know exactly what your home or business needs.We partner with you from the very get go. At an initial design consultation, we learn all about your property including its style, any focal points, and other aspects. We then establish needs, desires, goals, and budgets. Next, we create a customized plan that includes the best products, techniques and layouts.After the plan is finalized, we then move into installation mode. As a full-service lighting partner, our technicians are professional, bonded and insured. Once completed, we move you into our maintenance services. From routine maintenance tasks to emergency repairs, we handle it all.

Don’t Go it Alone

Whether commercial or residential, at North Star, we are a professional lighting company you can count on. Service, quality, and value are three attributes that we pride our work on. If you are ready to kick things off, partner with us.

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