Why Choose LED Lighting?

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With the strides made in more efficient and cost-effective lighting options like LED, converting from older lighting designs like halogen to LED is a great long-term investment. LED lights can last over ten times as long as halogen while consuming 85% less electricity. Since 1995, North Star Outdoor Lighting has been Arizona’s leader in indoor and outdoor LED lighting installations, and we continue to drive the industry forward to a cleaner and cheaper way of lighting commercial and residential spaces.

Cost Benefits

There are many ways to go green and lessen the environmental impact of the things we use in everyday life, but even from just a cost-saving perspective, LED lighting should be a prioritized upgrade for your space. Conventional, less energy-efficient lighting options don’t last long and so owners end up spending a lot of money and time changing and throwing away bulbs. Energy costs become a big long-term concern, and LED lighting is the most efficient way to cut costs associated with lighting. By lasting longer and using a fraction of the energy of traditional bulbs, you spend a lot less money and time replacing or using LED lighting. We also offer solar-powered lighting options, that when coupled with LED lighting, can make a substantial dent in your energy bill and consumption.

Whatever lighting your space requires, the inclusion of LED lights and a conscious effort to lower voltage reaps a lot of rewards and helps slash utility bills. Lighting can really elevate and make a space feel complete, and shouldn’t include constantly changing bulbs and paying way too much to power them.

Environmental Benefits

Older lighting options like halogen bulbs are still prevalently used, and most have changed many a bulb throughout their lives. In most cases, these bulbs are just thrown in the trash and forgotten about. However, these older bulbs contain dangerous gases and other materials, and because of how many households and businesses still use them, they inevitably find themselves and millions like them discarded in landfills where they can leach toxic levels of mercury into the soil. While many are aware of more talked about consequences of unsafe and unsustainable environmental practices like climate change and ozone depletion, unsafe mercury levels in soil are just as pressing a concern. LED lighting in particular is a great, more environmentally conscious option.

At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we engineer our lighting without mercury or other toxic components, and our lights are 100% recyclable. With continuing legislation pushing even further for going greener on a larger scale, North Star Outdoor Lighting has been at the forefront of not only meeting but exceeding directives laid out. While a lot of other companies have struggled to keep up with the increased demand and standards for clean energy, we continue to design and develop lighting options that do not contain hazardous chemicals that damage the health of the planet or the consumer. We want to ensure that it is not just your lights that last, but the planet too. LED lights help to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to more sustainable habits, so you can spend less time changing light bulbs and more time changing the world.

Making LED Lighting Work for Your Space

We are proud to offer state-of-the-art LED lighting systems, tailored to your needs and budget. Whether your space needs converting to LED, or more specific upgrades like rope, step or path lighting, we bundle exceptional materials with reliable service. We offer industry-leading products like FX Luminaire lights, coupled with 24-hour service and repair, monthly maintenance options and fast, professional service. Whether it’s your backyard or your business, we are proud to offer lighting at a high standard and low cost.

When it comes to commercial properties, our team walks you through the initial design consult all the way to the finished look of the space. As a full-service partner we make sure your lighting fixtures are perfectly maintained so you can focus on running your business and not on changing light bulbs. And we even offer lighting design for events and other one-time occasions because the last thing you want to worry about during a wedding or party is if the lights work.

We also apply the same standard to residential spaces as we do for commercial properties. We walk you through the whole process and make sure our lighting fixtures are something you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Lighting can make a dramatic effect on a space, and because your home is a safe haven you spend a lot of time in, energy-efficient and expertly designed lighting options really go a long way in bringing out the beauty of your home.

At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we have decades of experience working with residential and commercial lighting, and whether upgrading existing less-efficient lighting or designing a completely new space, we ensure that our lighting options can be enjoyed for years to come. Our emphasis on LED lighting in particular helps consumers to reduce costs and their environmental footprint, while not detracting from the beauty of a well-lit and designed space.

Whatever your lighting needs, be sure to contact us today for a free estimate. Our team of professionals makes upgrading or installing new lighting features a breeze.