Why You Should Use LED Lights

At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we’ve staked our business on helping individuals enhance the visual appearance of their properties whether commercial or residential. With years of experience designing indoor and outdoor lighting scenes, we’ve cultivated expertise on what type of lighting highlights the features of any property best.

Scottsdale and Phoenix are home to some of the desert’s most beautiful homes. Rich adobe style properties can be found side by side with sprawling ranch homes set against a backdrop of native flora and fauna along with a big open sky. As a national leader in lighting installation and design, we wanted to take a moment to talk about one of our favorite types of lighting that work for both indoor and outdoor needs: LED lighting.

LEDs are Better

LEDs are efficient, state of the art, and can maintain perfect lighting conditions. These are some of the reasons why we love them so much. Additionally, LEDs don’t contain any toxic elements in contrast to fluorescent bulbs which have noxious chemicals like mercury inside. This means that when it’s time to dispose of them, LEDs don’t cause harm to the environment.

Not only are there a wide variety of brands to choose from, but the diverse functionality available with this type of lighting is a dream come true for a talented designer.

Our favorite features of LEDs include:

  • Color Changing
    For your home, business or whatever location the next special event in your life is happening at, we love the color-changing capacity of LED lights. Enhance the mood of any outdoor space with colors that match your mood and elevate the ambient quality of the darkness hours.
  • Vibrant Colors
    With environmentally friendly bulb offerings, North Star Outdoor Lighting is thrilled with the vibrancy available with LED lights. Current market offerings come in every color imaginable allowing our team to select and curate an outdoor environment tailored to your specific preferences.
  • Underwater lighting
    Relaxing poolside under a night sky is supreme but with underwater LED lighting, we can take the vibe in and near your pool up a notch. Underwater lighting affords a great opportunity to enhance the intimacy of your environment while showcasing any stunning water features or a beautiful pool build itself.
  • Step lighting
    Step lighting is functional and is also a great way to delineate outdoor pathways. By bisecting your environment, step lighting can simply show you the way.
  • Vine tree lighting
    We love a tree of great height wrapped in lights year round. Vine LED lights offer a professional and polished look that allow our team to incorporate vertical lighting elements as a way to create depth, dimension, and to highlight the architectural nature of your properties landscaping.
  • Sconce lights
    Sconce LEDS give off soft diffused light to set the scene for a muted yet well lit evening. Used in tandem with other LEDs on this list, sconce lighting can contribute to a rich and diversified lighting experience.
  • Down lighting
    We love a light cast down as a way to mix up beam direction. LED down lighting options do just that and make great use cases for both tree and shrubbery lighting.
  • Path lighting
    LEDs on pathways are similar to step lighting as essential safety components that help you and any guests navigate an outdoor property in the twilight or dark hours.
  • Up lighting
    The opposite of down lighting, up lighting is when an LED is embedded at the base of a structure with beams pointing upward. It’s a wonderful way to highlight lush foliage and to add a vertical mix into any professional lighting scenario.
  • Strip lighting
    Mounted individual LEDS can be lined up in strips to deliver overall light color and quality to any dark nook or corner needed.
  • Bistro lighting
    Bistro lighting offers soft decorative string lights that make any outdoor space feel like an Italian patio on a spring evening. We love the way that these LED offerings can deliver a glimmer of warmth and sparkle.

One of the biggest rules of lighting design is to include a variety of lighting directions to generate visual intrigue and create depth and dimension. LED lighting is available in numerous formats to enable our team to select the best combinations to really help a property shine.

Why Hire Professionals

Hiring a professional outdoor lighting company like ours is a surefire way to boost the curb appeal of your home. If you want your Scottsdale or Phoenix neighbors to admire the beauty and professional nature of your property’s lighting, then our team is the way to go.

If you are looking to make the switch at your Scottsdale or Phoenix home from your current incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, get in touch with our reputable team for a truly professional service. We guarantee that we use only the highest quality lighting components and execute customized projects on time and within budget. We truly love what we do and can’t wait to show you the reason we’ve earned such a great industry reputation. As leaders in service, quality and value, we can evaluate your needs and then make a plan that leaves you illuminated. Our methodology is simple, we conduct an initial meet to scope out project parameters. Then we create a plan using only the highest quality lighting components including the efficient LED options explored above.

Learn more about what we do or sign up for a free estimate to get more information about our personal, yet professional approach.