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Lamp Life. Hope this helps.


Lamp life is rated in hours of operation. If lamps are rated for 4000 hours at 12 volts it means that at 4000 hours, 50% of the lamps are still working and 50% are not.

  • For maximum light output, tune lighting circuits to provide between 11.5 and 12.0 volts as measured at lamp terminals when all of the lamps on the circuit are operating.
  • For longer lamp life, adjust voltage down so lamps receive between 10.5 and 11.5 volts at the lamp terminals.
  • Adjusting circuit load/run by using FX MultiTap Transformers can regulate voltage.
  • To determine circuit voltage, use FX Digital Voltmeter.

For more information on voltage loading and run length consult our Circuiting Guidelines.


Volts at Lamp Lamp Life of Rated Lumen Output of Rated
60% 340%
75% 175%

200% 80%
300% 75%
500% 65%
900% 50%

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