There are many types of outdoor lighting to choose from, and each has been designed to provide the greatest benefit to your home and yard. Outdoor lighting enhances the style of your home’s exterior, but more importantly, it can also improve safety and security. Outdoor lighting should not only be chosen based on its appearance.
The right outdoor lighting can enhance the appearance of any space, with different looks achieved based on the types of lighting and effects used, as well as the features of your outdoor environment. While a lighting expert will be able to guide you in choosing the best outdoor lighting for your property, understanding the various
Homeowners Associations, otherwise referred to as HOAs, are groups that exist within planned communities, subdivisions or even condominiums that create and enforce rules for all properties and residents within their purview. For individuals and families that purchase a property that functions within an HOA’s jurisdiction, due to property location, they are considered automatically members and

Pathway Lighting

The North Star Outdoor Lighting approach provides an unparalleled professional touch to lighting in your backyard environment. We offer truly one-of-a-kind services, advice and unique skill sets to properties all over the Valley of the Sun. Our team takes pride in designing and installing beautiful indoor and outdoor lighting. Our approach to service includes all

Main Issues Encountered with DIY

Why Hire an Outdoor Lighting Contractor Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are typically labors of love. When it comes to home and design projects, achieving long-lasting and professional work is imperative to maintaining a well-kept and polished home. Unfortunately, many individuals try to take on work or home projects that are simply out of their
From restaurants and hotels to shopping centers and office buildings, businesses in numerous different industries are constantly seeking ways to make their commercial properties safe, inviting, and aesthetically appealing. At the same time, businesses must protect their bottom lines and ensure that any improvements made on their properties will yield a strong return on investment
The visual appearance of your property can have a significant impact on how much you enjoy spending time at home. At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we know that to make the most of your environment, you need to feel good in it. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, quality lighting can play a major role.

Innovative Lighting Technologies

Light and technology have come a long way. While many of us take for granted the everyday convenience afforded by electric lighting, the journey to get where we are today has been fraught with discovery, failures and triumphs. Let’s walk through a bit of history!
North Star Outdoor Lighting in Scottsdale Arizona showing uplighting on front yard of home
There are many things we try and do on our own. At-home facials, baking bread, doing your taxes, among numerous other household chores. As a home or business owner, outdoor lighting seems like it should not be that difficult. Unfortunately, most grossly underestimate the various considerations that go into a well-lit outdoor environment. This results

Why You Should Use LED Lights

At North Star Outdoor Lighting, we’ve staked our business on helping individuals enhance the visual appearance of their properties whether commercial or residential. With years of experience designing indoor and outdoor lighting scenes, we’ve cultivated expertise on what type of lighting highlights the features of any property best. Scottsdale and Phoenix are home to some