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Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference

Lighting makes all the difference to your outdoor property. You may have noticed the dramatic effects that light can add to your interiors, the same is true for the exterior lighting too. Landscape lighting ideas can be a real mood creator. Lighting if chosen and placed correctly can make your home look incredibly beautiful and elegant (more…)

ESLO Fact Sheet for Scottsdale Arizona

Latest Revisions Approved
Minor Amendments to ESL (Effective Mar 22, 2007)

Restoration of Damaged Desert Areas (Effective Mar 22, 2007)

Side Yard Setbacks for properties zoned ESL (Effective October 26, 2006)

Undeveloped lot with an ESL overlay?
The city has recently developed an instructional diagram that demonstrates how to determine the buildable lot area.

History/Background (more…)

ANNUAL OR SEMI-ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CHECKS. Monthly maintenance for lamps!!!!!!

Typical of most every mechanical appliance, the components of the landscape lighting system will require periodic maintenance in order to keep the system operating at peak performance. The wise Lighting Installer will incorporate a Lighting Maintenance Program into his or her offering. (more…)

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Solar lighting, with L.E.D outdoor light fixtures

Solar powered outdoor lighting fixtures. NO this is not a home depot solar light. This is a state of the art solar panel, with battery back up for all your outdoor lighting needs. (more…)

Exterior and Site Lighting Design Guidelines for Scottsdale AZ

  • Exterior Lighting for Single-Family in Environmentally Senstive Lands (ESL) Areas
  • Illuminance Tables
  • Submittal Requirements
  • Photometrics
  • Printable Lighting Guidelines (pdf/48kb/2pp)
  • Ambient Lighting Zones (pdf/319kb/1p)
  • Streetlight Policy Plan (pdf/208kb/1p)
  • Outdoor Lighting Code (pdf/115kb/2pp)

Please note: The 2006 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) was adopted by reference via the International Building Code (IBC) adoption.


What is low voltage lighting?

While most homes operate on 120 volts, low voltage lighting runs on either 12 or 24 volts. Examples of low voltage lighting includes recessed lighting, landscape lights, pendant lighting, and track lights just to name a few. Low voltage lighting is usually less expensive, easier to install, safer, and uses less energy.


Converting to Low Voltage LED Lighting

Over the past several years the installation or conversion to low voltage indoor and outdoor lighting systems has become more and more common place with new home builds and renovations. This is likely due the lighting becoming more affordable, a more public consciousness towards the conservation of energy on a national scale, or in many cases the reasoning may be as simple as someone just wanting to reduce their monthly electricity bill. In any case converting your home lighting systems from halogen to LED power can have a significant impact on your kWh per day, and ultimately your utility bill. This goes for 120 volt, to 12 volt lighting.